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Cách thiết lập đa màn hình trong Scada CIMON

14/12/2018 314

Cách thiết lập đa màn hình?

Đa màn hình được hỗ trợ bởi CIMON SCADA.

Có hai kiểu hiển thị Đa Màn hình.

1. Hiển thị một khung hình duy nhất trên nhiều màn hình (mở rộng)
2. Hiển thị các trang khác nhau trên các màn hình khác nhau

Go to [File] => [Static Page & Multi-Monitor] menu.

1. Checking the current monitor status

Display the current status of Graphic Card(Adapter) configuration.

1.1. Normal Display

A. For single or expanded mode, Starting and End point of each monitor are displayed.

B. For Multi-Monitor mode, resolution(width and height) of each monitor are displayed.

1.2. Error in Display

If Display Adapter configuration is not set up properly, error message is displayed as shown below.

To see a description on setting, click on black screen.

– Secondary monitor that is set in Display Adapter must be changed to primary monitor.
– Monitor number of Display Adapter starts from the left.

To change the monitor resolution, go to [Start] => [Control Panel] => [Display] => [Resolution] menu. Otherwise, mouse right-click at Windows Desktop, and select [Screen Resolution] menu

2. Single or Expanded Mode

For Single or Expanded mode, only one monitor is used or multiple monitors are used to create a single frame monitor. Example of single frame monitor(two monitors) is shown below.

2.1. Configuration

At Single or Expanded mode, position and size of monitor can be defined as shown below.

To define the position and size of monitor, “Full Window” feature must be disabled at CIMON-X Configuration. Go to [Tools] => [CIMON-X Environment] => [Full Window] menu.

2.2. Single or Expanded mode by using a Touch operation

Page size and position is determined at [Page Setup] menu generally. However, Page size and position can be also set up by using a function “OpenPagePos”. From an example shown below, Page “Page1” is displayed at position(W=1024,H=0) of monitor.

3. Multiple Monitor Mode

At Multiple Monitor mode, multiple frames are used on multiple monitors. This seems that many CIMON-X is running on multiple monitors. From the example as given below, multiple frames are used with two monitors.

3.1. Configuration

With Multiple Mode selected, StartUp Page of each monitor can be determined. For example of two monitors, one monitor is used as primary. So, the remaining number of monitor is entered except the primary monitor.

StartUp page of primary monitor can be selected at [CimonX Environment].

Go to [Tools] => [CimonX Environment] menu.

3.2. Multiple Monitor by using a Touch operation

Multiple Monitor configuration executes separate frames on different monitors. So, monitor number must be defined to open/close a page at the desired position. Monitor numbers are shown below.

If monitor numbers are not defined, operations such as “Page Open/Close/Replace(Transition)” is executed at the currently active page.

Here is how to set up page operation at the desired monitor.

+ Open a Page
At Multi-Monitor mode, monitor number must be added after page name.

<Open a Page “Page1.PGX” at Monitor 1 >

If monitor number is not defined, operations such as “PageOpen/Close/Replace(Transition)” is executed at the currently active page.
+ Close a Page

<Close a Page “Page1.PGX” at Monitor 1 >

+ Replace a Page(Transition)
New Page that will be replaced with cannot define a monitor. Therefore, page transition occurs at the monitor that previous page locates automatically.

<Page Transition from “Page2.PGX” to “Page3.PGX” at monitor 1 >

4. Multiple Monitor feature by using Command Expression and Script

In general, page related Functions operate on a currently active monitor. Accordingly, monitor number must be defined in Functions so that page operations can be executed at the desired monitor.

◆ Page Functions For Multiple Monitor

※ Page Functions in both Script and Command Expression operate in a similar way except one thing. Page-Functions in Script must be used with monitor number. This is because Script operates independently.

※ This manual applies to the CIMON SCADA version of 3.00 or higher.
(Under SCADA ver2.14 or lower, user need to create a file “DesignEi.dat” to set up multi monitor feature. Please refer to the SCADA Help file for the detailed information)

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